During World War II the historic bridge over the river Blies was destroyed, replaced and destroyed again, until the US Army built a steel bridge which connected the countries again. It was replaced in 1985.

Today it is called „Europäische Freundschaftsbrücke“ and the final result of the process of reconciliation.

It looks almost the same from either side, except the colors of the "tricolore" are changing from Bleu-Blanc-Rouge to Schwarz-Rot-Gold, see POST from April 8th.

The bridge's French-Bavarian-German-American history still has to be translated from German/French into English. It is a good example for rivers who become borders and people who overcome them. 


Walter Delarber,
"Der Bliesgau, das Königreich Bayern und der Kommunismus"/
"La Vallée de la Blies, le Royaume de Bavíère et le communisme".
In: Mendgen, Eva (Hg), Au centre de l'Europe, Im Reich der Mitte², Saarbrücken-Konstanz, 2013, S.156-159, Fotografie S.156


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