Yes, my friend...

Liebe Freund*innen, chers visiteurs, who would be so kind to help illustrating this quotation from Victor Hugos Rheinreise? 

Letter XIV

You know, for I have often told you, that I love rivers; they do more than bear merchandize – ideas float along their surface. (…)
I have also told you, that I prefer the Rhine. It is now a year, when passing the bridge of boats at Kehl, since I first saw it.(…)
I never think of rivers - those great works of nature, which are also great things in history - without emotion.


Yes, my friend, the Rhine is a noble river-feudal, republican, imperial-worthy, at the same time, of France and of Germany. The whole history of Europe is combined within its two great aspects - in this flood of the warrior and of the thinker - in this proud stream, which causes France to bound, and by whose profound murmurings Germany is bewildered in dreams.”


Quotations from Victor Hugo, The Rhine. Translated from the French by O.M.Aird, London 1843, LETTER XIV, p. 109

S.40/41 aus dem Buch zur Groß/Grande Région Au centre de l'Europe.Im Reich der Mitte with a synthesis in English

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